Coaches MUST provide a complete Roster of players in this format in order to step on the fields at Galway Downs on June 25:

It is EXCEPTIONALLY Important that I receive EVERY coach / players email address. I will communicate with ALL parents prior to avoid confusion and to ensure rules are conveyed. You will be glad I did this for you to get schedules and details communicated PRIOR to the 1st game.

Team Name Coach 1st Name Coach Last Name Email Cell # US Lacrosse # MANDATORY
Team Name Player First Name Player Last Name Email Cell # US Lacrosse # MANDATORY

Registration starts 11/1/22

Must be signed up by 4/1 with $500 deposit 
Must be paid in full by 5/15 in order to get on schedule
NO team will be scheduled if not paid in full by 6/1
Coaches are strongly encouraged to insure your tournament and travel fees.  
Click to left and protect your tournament fee for only ~$100
Tournament Registration Fee Insurance
Only 6% of Travel & Entry Fess
Peace of mind for only 6%
Protect your fee against injury / illness / travel / weather

Welcome from the Yeatman Family

YeatmansThe Yeatman Family would like to welcome you to the Pacific Lacrosse Festival this year. We have been playing and coaching in southern California, and across the US since 1996. Lacrosse is special to our family and we hope that you have as much fun playing this weekend as we do hosting the event for you.

We are big proponents of the Positive Coaching Alliance. We ask that coaches, players, parents, spectators and referees all promote the positive aspects of our terrific sport throughout the weekend. Shots will be missed, passes will be dropped and calls will go against your team…. let all that go and cheer the positive plays.  You will have more fun; and so will the players.

We thank our sponsors for their tremendous support of our event each year. We ask that you patronize NIKE, Gatorade, STX, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Marriott, Sock Guy and iMpact Canopy for your retail needs; They represent the best in their fields.  

Finally, if we, or anyone of our scores of volunteer ambassadors, can help you in anyway throughout the weekend please ask.  Our goal is to make this your best and most memorable lacrosse weekend of the year.

Bang the wall, 

The Yeatman’s 

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